Day 4: Israel Prepares to Leave Egypt

Exodus 4:18-31 & Exodus 5:1-23

After living under Pharaoh’s oppression for so long, enslavement had started to feel normal. It had become the everyday rhythm of the Israelites. They had forgotten what it meant to be free. So God’s first step in freeing them was to make slavery even more unbearable. In His mercy, He lifted the veil from their eyes and made it clear: there was no future for them in Egypt.

God does the same for us. His concern and love for us dictate that He uses all means necessary to awaken us from the acceptance of our own slavery—our greed, lust, selfishness and joylessness—whatever it may be.

In His mercy, God refuses to let us bear it any longer.

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God Bless You!

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