Day 5: God promises deliverance to Moses

Exodus 6: 1-30

How many times have we gone through rough patches in our lives when God gave a word and things seem to go all wrong? That is exactly what happened in Exodus 5 which ends with Moses literally lamenting to God and feeling terrible about the worse condition of the Israelites following his “unsuccessful” meeting with Pharaoh.

But here is what is amazing, even though he was frustrated, he expressed those feelings to the right person and guess what? In our reading today we see God reaffirming his promise, renewing the vision and showing that his plans were still in place.

Even though the human in Moses felt defeated, the spirit of the Israelites broken by the new turn and the heart of pharaoh hardened, God- Our God remained unchanged, undefeated, unbroken.

He remained God the deliverer.

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God Bless You!

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