Day 6: Moses & Aarons First sign before Pharaoh

Exodus 7:1-13, Exodus 7:14-25Exodus 8:1-15

The significance of these passages are quite sobering; did you read how God used a what seemed to be a simple lifeless rod to do the unbelievable? You must ask yourself what seemingly lifeless thing or situation do I have in my hand and how do I surrender it to God for his use?

If you equally wondered whilst reading why would God allow pharaoh show off so much power, Moses said it aptly in Exodus 8:10 after pharaoh had his first pretentious change of heart “so that you may know that there is no one like the Lord our God

He is the all-powerful, the all-knowing one, the only being who can use a dry rod and two eighty-something year olds to start a revolution!

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God Bless You!

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