Day 16: Moses Overwhelmed and Overworked

Exodus 18:1-27, Prov 19:20-21, Prov 15:22, Prov 4:10-13 & Prov 13:10

Jethro knew Moses was in a difficult season. He knew well the call God had on Moses’ life and how his son-in-law’s heart longed to serve God and minister to His people. But he could also see the unsustainability of how Moses was going about his life. He took the time to listen to Moses and observe his situation, before offering wise counsel.

We all need a Jethro in our lives. We need someone who will patiently build our trust by observing and listening without judgment. We need people to seek out our hearts, instead of quickly offering unsolicited advice. And should we be blessed with such a friend, may we learn from their wisdom and heed their advice.

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God Bless You!

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