Day 24: Battles on the way to the promise land (Arad Destroyed)

Numbers 21: 1-4 & Psalm 46:1-11

Our God is not a reactive God; Isaiah 46:10 says that he declares the end from the beginning. From the beginning of the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, he had always used what seemed to be a terrible, hopeless situation to bring forth a great victory and make his name great.

What is most instructive here is that the Israelites had been on their journey to a place God had asked them to go to, they had been led and directed by God and yet without cause, they were attacked and taken as prisoners! How many times have you heard God say go this way and the journey was not as smooth as you anticipated, your expectations cut short by attacks and failures?

Remember to “Be still, and know that he is God” he has always proven to be God over all situations. Even yours.

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God Bless You!


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