Day 26: Moses and the Bronze Serpent

Numbers 21:4-9 & John 3:1-21

God delivered judgment, but then He delivered mercy. This wasn’t back-peddling or flip-flopping. It was His divine nature on full display. Because He is holy, He must deal with our sin. Because He is love, He chooses to offer us mercy.

When the grumbling Israelites looked to the bronze serpent held high on a pole, they were saved from the punishment they deserved. Mercifully, God used the emblem of His judgment to draw His people back to Himself. That’s good news for them that points to even better news for us.

The Israelites looked to a snake on a pole for healing from poisonous venom.
We look to the Saviour on the cross to heal us from the poison of sin.

They were given an injunction against immediate physical death.
We’re saved from spiritual death, and granted eternal life instead.

Like the snake-bitten Israelites, we’re sinners deserving of God’s judgment. It’s tempting to look away from that truth. But, look! His mercy is easy to spot. God uses the cross, the emblem of His judgment, to draw us back to Himself. Because of our sin, the cross was necessary. That’s judgment. Yet, from the cross, Jesus took the punishment we deserve, and in His mercy, He overcame the Snake and death once and for all.

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God Bless You!

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