Day 27: Investing in a Life

Num 27:12-23, Num 11:28, Deut 31:1-8, Phil 2:3 & Prov 11:14

Here we see God plot out a succession plan. Joshua was one of the 12 spies Moses had sent out to spy on the promise land and shown leadership skills.

It is possible to summarize the succession principles that guided the transition from Moses to Joshua. When Moses realized he would need a successor, he asked God to provide one. God directed him to Joshua, whom God had already prepared for the task. It is important to note that Moses did not choose his own successor, nor was he chosen by popular vote. Rather, God’s choice of Joshua was revealed in Joshua’s ordination.

Joshua was not an unknown at that point. Moses had long before recognized Joshua’s abilities and potential. Moses became his mentor and had given him various leadership tasks to further his development. Prior to his death, Moses formally ordained Joshua to leadership in front of the priest and the people. Following Moses’ death, the Lord reconfirmed the succession of Joshua to leadership.

We sometimes forget we only are tenants here on earth we must always prepare to pass the mantle on to the next generation.

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